„Every dog deserves a long, happy, and most importantly, healthy life. This mentality drives us to do the most for your loved ones.“.

A little about us

Allow me to present myself. My name is Nabila, I was born in raised on Lake Constance in the south of Germany. Although I have had sever interests in life one passion has remained constant: The love for dogs. In the spring of 2016, my dream finally came true when fate brought a beautiful chocolate lab by the name of Lotte into my life. Towards Vienna by way of the Starnberger Lake, little Lotte braved the journey into my home and has been my main priority ever since. Together we left the city for a small town south of Vienna where we are currently based, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, with woodland trails as far as the eye can see. The move not only brought me closer to my dog but also drove me to dedicate my career to what I love the most, dogs and those who love them 

WHat motivates us

Every dog deserves a happy, comfortable, and most importantly healthy life. It is my goal to work as hard as possible every day in order to help you provide your loved one with exactly that.

Our assortment of products offers a mixture of regionally sourced products. Everything from high quality, sustainable sustenance, all the way to our organic doggy care selection. Our freshly baked organic treats round out our carefully selected catalog. When shopping with Hundesache you can be sure that everything is 100% all natural all of the time.

Providing you and your loved ones with what they want and what they need is our goal and the reason we started Hundesache in the first place ♡