„Our devotion to dogs is what brings you joy.“.

How it all began

As a young girl I always dreamt of being able to have a puppy to call my own. Finally, on a calm spring day in 2016, my dreams came true. Before I could even rap my head around it, a little brown bundle of love trotted into my life on four tiny paws.
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Our love of dogs

Our passion for improving the lives of dogs and their owners come from personal experience. We love what we do and take pleasure out of the satisfaction that all of our customers, both big and small get out of our work.♡

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100% All Natural, All The Time

Each and everyone of our products are carefully researched and personally selected by our team. We aim to provide you with only the finest of locally sourced, regional products from our most trusted suppliers.Our philosophy maintains that we only sell what we would give to our own Labby so you can be sure that everything in our catalog is 100% natural.
Our partners

Animal Welfare

Regardless of whether abandoned, forgotten, or just another dog looking for a home, we strive to constantly work for the betterment all puppies. We are always to happy to provide more information about our cooperation with various animal welfare programs and charities.

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